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We are blessed with some incredible surroundings. The Chandsen Dam is one such attraction. Home to a host of Migratory birds and native fish in abundance, it’s an itinerary addition most Guests recount with fondness!

Discovering the property or the charming neighborhood of Chandsen on a cycle or Marwari Horses from our stables is just one of the many things to do while at our Dera!

The Eco Dera Experience (Navanh) The Eco Dera Experience aims to establish and inculcate a healthy, vibrant, & fulfilling way of life by incorporating healthy lifestyle choices in the daily routine and making wellness a life mantra BENEFITS: Helps in restoring balance to mind & body Improves & corrects the daily routine Helps develop healthy…

We built the Dera from ground up. The hamlet of Chandsen is a fascination and its surroundings, a charm that refuses to wear off. We love sharing it with our guests in the form of curated itineraries to show them around with jungle hikes/ treks and walks.

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