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The Indian knowledge systems are aflush with wisdom and it comes in various forms. Herbs are just one of them. Perhaps why you’ll find an array of herbs on our property. Won’t be an overstatement to say that we are ardent believers in herbology. Ask for a cup of Lemon-grass and Ginger Tea to know what we mean!

Farm to table for us, is a way of life. The organic produce with zero pesticides or chemicals grown on our farm is what gets served to our guests. Seasonal crops on rotation make raw material for our eclectic and sumptuous spreads! We would be happy to take you on a tour.

Our on-premise green house is a calming space to wander in. Check-out the seasonal greens or marvel at the nursery; whatever you chose, it will sure be time well spent!

The dairy at our farm is not only fulfils our kitchen needs; it’s a space where guests can go and connect with our herd – feed them, watch their bovine calm or just soak in the dairy scene with your children.

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